About Agui

We give the best for our friends. They are priceless.

For the years that your relationship lasts, we choose fillings that remain intact. Fabrics in which you will want to touch, with seams that do not burst easily. All our beds are machine washable and we have anti-slip bottoms and impermeable fabrics. But let's face it, not everything is interior beauty. It's important to look good anywhere. Impeccable, even. Although we are not perfect, we are perfectionists. For the friends we give the best. They are priceless.

We are a Portuguese brand of comfort for dogs and cats, wich combines design with the quality of the material and finish. We present models of different types and sizes, in varied fabrics and colors that easily integrate into any decor. Our beds feature fiber and foam fillings that maintain the structure even after washing. Agui is a brand of safe quality that relies on design, comfort, maintenance and durability.